Paintings by graduating students
from Reyum Art School

Opening Reception, August 30, 2005




This exhibition presents a selection of paintings done by 14 students for their graduation this year. By mounting this exhibition, we wanted not only to encourage these student but also take the opportunity to present the activities of our art school to the general public. Thus, we also present works of students from other grades as well as some pictures of school activities. Besides, each of our 120 students were given one minute the opportunity to present themselves in a video profile (which is playing in the backroom) along with drawings from the youngest students.

Founded in 2000, Reyum Art School offers free half-day classes in drawing and painting for un derprivileged children who are willing to come on a regular basis and participate in lessons with some degree of concentration and commitment. The goals of the school are to train children in representational drawings, while developing their creative and imaginative thinking which may serve them in the various vocations which they will pursue as adults.

Reyum wishes to thank teachers and staff at Reyum as well as all individuals involved in student learning and progress. We also would like to thank donors such as the Albert Kunstader Family Foundation, and the Ingrid's Bequest Fund for Reyum whose generous gift make this school possible.