“Phnom Penh”
Artworks by Théo Vallier

Opening reception, February 4, 2009



29 year-old French urban grunge artist Théo VALLIER has exhibited his works numerous times in Paris and Marseille. He is now living in Phnom Penh where he explores the evolution of street culture.

Théo Vallier's work repeals the notion of permanency in everything and of any shape and pushes the viewer into being absorbed by the piece and becoming closer to the material. The process used to corrode the metal sheets imparts a unique feeling to his works that reflects his perception of the urban world and the interaction between humans and nature.

Fan of the night and of phantasmagoria ambiances generated by city lights, the street walls become mirrors, suddenly bringing to life a shadowy, hidden world. At night, reflections and lights reveal another city, other streets, a different urban world…

The urban grunge artist finds in the streets a singular material - rust - product of time, decay and urban erosion. Here, the rusted metal sheet of a roof spills sepia liquid down the wall. There, a neglected gate blooms in rusted colours. This material is born, breathes, changes, decays: it lives… and dies.

Théo uses rusted metal sheeting as a living substrate, playing on the interaction between metal and water, paint and decay, rust and time, in order to fulfill his vision of "street entropy", a vision I invite you to contemplate, and enjoy.

With the support of:
The Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation – The Rockefeller Foundation -
The Prince Claus Fund