Transportation in Cambodia

Opening reception, September 30, 2009



From 2001 to 2007, Reyum Institute conducted an oral history research project entitled: “A Cambodian Memory Bank”. The project records elderly people’s accounts of their lives from their birth to the present. By following the stories of these individuals “life lines”, we also get insights about Cambodian society as a whole. By using the data collected we were able to mount two exhibitions with accompanying publications: Seams of Change (January 6, 2004) and Food in Khmer Culture (April 9, 2009).

This exhibition/publication also results from the use of the Cambodian Memory Bank project data. By persisting in this enterprise we wish to show the importance of elderly people’s memories as a source of knowledge of Cambodian history and society. With the paste of changes and the passing away of the older generation, the richness of knowledge embedded in their memories will also fade away. We hope this exhibition/publication will spur interest among
young researchers to carry on similar research and documentation projects.

This exhibition is organized into two sections: The first section (in the main exhibition hall) presents land transportation/moving and the second section (corridor) shows waterways transportation/moving. Each section offers an account of transportation from the simple use of human body to the use of machines.

We wish to thank all the people who have contributed to make this exhibition possible. We also would like specifically thank the Rockefeller Foundation for their support of the entire Memory Bank project as well as the Prince Claus Fund and the Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation for their support of our activities.