Cultural Exchange


Visiting Artist Program

An important component of the art program is to encourage local and visiting artists to share their practical expertise with the students so they can learn new techniques and methods. These exchanges also provide students with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of other cultures and of contemporary art practice in different contexts. Artists from Asia, Europe and the USA have delivered workshops in wood-carving, collage, installation art, printing techniques, drawing, sculpture, and stained glass. Elements from these workshops are then integrated into the art school curriculum.

Visiting artists and their work with the Reyum Art School.

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Creative Connection

The International Children’s Art Exhibit is the culmination of the ArtLink Program, initiated by Creative Connections, an NGO that sponsors art exchanges between art classes in the USA and abroad. Reyum Art School has been participating in this annual exchange program for some years. Each year there is a new theme that requires the artists to reflect on their life and culture and then paint pictures depicting their world, which are then exchanged with children in a foreign country. The paintings are then exhibited in the USA and feature artworks from 25 different countries.