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Reyum Art School is a non-profit NGO founded in 2001 by Ly Daravuth and the late Ingrid Muan in order to provide free art education to disadvantaged children. In Cambodia, the large numbers of school age children stretch the resources of the formal education system which has led to a policy of divided school days (children only attend classes either in the morning or in the afternoon) leaving those children who can afford to go to school with a great amount of unsupervised free time because their parents are working to support the family. As for those who can not afford to go school, they are often entirely left to themselves, without any educational activities. Reyum Art School offers free art classes to these children. Students attend daily and complete a course over 4 years.

The School aims to train the children in traditional and contemporary Cambodian techniques; encourage creativity, develop a sense of pride about their culture and provide a sense of belonging and community in a structured learning environment.

There are currently three full-time teachers and 100 students from 10-25 years old.
Reyum Art School brochure (pdf)