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Paintings in Peril

  Cambodia Life   July 2007


  The Cambodia Daily   June 30, 2007

HERITAGE, Fading away on wat walls

  The Cambodia Daily   May 18-31, 2007


  The Cambodia Daily   Feb. 24-25, 2007


  The Cambodia Daily  

Feb. 3-4, 2007

Artist Pays Homage to a 'Good Friend'

  The Cambodia Daily  

Jan. 28-29, 2006

Students' Creations Reconcile Classic And Contemporary Ideas About Art   The Cambodia Daily  

May 3-4, 2005

A Book and Exhibition Document the Science of Cambodian Ornamentation   The Cambodia Daily  

March 26-27, 2005

In Search of the Spirits

  The Cambodia Daily  

Aug. 21-22, 2004

Fleeting Beauty   The Cambodia Daily  

Jan. 3-4, 2004

Picturing What Democracy Should Be

  The Cambodia Daily  

Jan. 3-4, 2004

Reyum Institute Wins Award From Dutch Government   The Cambodia Daily  

Dec. 15, 2003

Interpreting Tradition   The Cambodia Daily   July 26-27, 2003
New Book tells of forgotten Khmer folk tale   The Cambodia Daily   April 7, 2003
The Reamker   Bangkok Post   Nov. 22, 2002
Reamker Revived   The Cambodia Daily   Sept. 7-8, 2002
Ancient art battles on   Phnom Penh Post   August 31, 2002
Expressions of Independence   The Cambodia Daily   Jan. 5-6, 2002
A voice from a silent land   Phnom Penh Post   July 22, 2001
Ground level perspective of Cambodia   Phnom Penh Post   July 6-19, 2001
One Cambodian’s ‘Life of struggle,’ in 128 Scenes   The New York Times   July 9, 2001
Cambodian History Depicted in Art Exhibit   The Cambodia Daily   June 14, 2001
Exhibit Shows Evolution of Common Tools   The Cambodia Daily   March 14, 2001
For Two Generations, Pottery is a Point of National Pride   The Cambodia Daily   Dec. 12, 2000
Handcrafted Silk Batik Mixes With Traditional Khmer Art   The Cambodia Daily   Oct. 25, 2000
Free Concerts Honor Classic Music of Roluos   The Cambodia Daily   May 25, 2000
Musicians Proving Their Will To Survive Is Well-Tuned   The Cambodia Daily   May 17, 2000
Film Shows Villagers Working With Fiber Optics   The Cambodia Daily   May 15, 2000
Animism Lecture To Be Held   The Cambodia Daily  

Mach 7, 2000

The Legacy of Absence   Persimmon   Summer 2000
Artistic Freedom   Principal   Dec. 1999
Local Artists are Finding New Ways to Face the Past   Phnom Penh Post   Jan. 7-20, 2000
Cambodian Artists Explore Legacy of the Pol Pot Regime   The Cambodia Daily   Jan. 11, 2000
Artists inspire healing process   South China Morning Post   Jan. 18, 2000
Making monkeys of men in lakhaoun khaol   Phnom Penh Post   Nov. 11, 1999
Casting Characters - Khmer Mask-making in the Workshop of An Sok   Angkor   January - March 2000
Pech Song, Art as Real Reality   Angkor   July-Sept. 1999
Local Artist Depicts Nation's History on Canvas   The Cambodia Daily   May 7, 1999
The art of saving a nation’s soul   Phnom Penh Post   Feb. 4, 1999
Cambodian Art Seeks a Market   The Cambodia Daily   Dec. 12, 1998